I hate your blog! :)

I hate your blog! :)

Michael Jerome Phillips

Essays, 2003 - 2009

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One or two things needed to be salvaged from the defunct blog, so I pulled all the old posts up, went through them and thought, "Hmm, some of this doesn't suck - why not salvage a bunch of this stuff?" So this well thought-out volume came to be. It's best not to think too much, and this pocket-sized bottle rocket is proof of that. If I'd a thought about it, I never woulda done it, as Bob Dylan said.

181 pages, perfect bound, with a full color black and white cover featuring some creepy Holga photos. It is yours for a pittance here on this site only.

Carry the entire Internet - the good bits anyway - in your pocket!

Paperback: $9.95 - 181 pages, 7 x 4.25"
E-book: $4.97

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