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Michael Jerome Phillips

Limited edition letterpress poem

I WRITE THIS POEM DIRECTLY IN THE STICK is a hand set and letterpressed poem that was written as the type was picked up out of the case, available only on these cards.

This unique piece is 8 x 6 inches, set in 10 point ATF Century Schoolbook type. It was hand printed in three colors on 80# laid ivory cards, using an 1890's era 5 x 7 platen press. Strictly limited to 50 signed, numbered copies.

Be one of only 40 people in the world to own this poem, art work, printing project, conceptual art piece - however you want to define it, there is absolutely nothing else like it anywhere. Guaranteed by mjp!

I didn't bleed for this, but I did tear a ligament in my elbow, if that counts as suffering for your art. It should, since it took half a year to begin to heal.

Comes complete with uneven letterpress printing and a genuine spelling error!

ltd. edition letterpress         ltd. edition letterpress

Limited edition: $29.95

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