A rose by any other name, still doesn’t smell so good

Every day I am charmed and enchanted by the thousands of names I see spray painted on every blank space along the Los Angeles freeways, but recently one in particular has caught my eye. Heading north on the 110 freeway you can see it on the 405 overpass: KUNTNESTFLAKE. I’m not sure what a Kuntnestflake is – I assume it’s three names written as one.

As poetry it is undeniable – KUNTNESTFLAKE – so rich and meaningful. But as names, I don’t know, I am puzzled. “Good morning Flake, have you seen Nest or Kunt? Tell them I said hello!” Those aren’t very tough or impressive handles, you’ve got to admit. I’m worried about the slump in creativity the younger generation seems to be suffering.

tagthisBy the way, can we make it legal to shoot the kids who spray paint their aliases all over town?

You may think I’m overreacting, I’ve lost my mind, or have no sympathy for the downtrodden in our society. Not so. I’m not proposing that we kill them, just shoot them. Maybe a .22 slug in an ass cheek, or a wrist, you know, to send a message of strong disapproval.

I’m not talking about the 20 foot high, multi-colored almost-aren’t-so-bad names that cover most of the walls around the 405 from South of LAX up through Venice. I’m talking about the little paint and run initials and KUNTNESTFLAKES that cover the entire city. Those kids, I want to shoot.

Well, I don’t want to shoot them, but I want someone to shoot them. Cops like to shoot at things, maybe they could do it.

About an hour ago at the intersection of Foothill and Rosemead in Pasadena I saw a woman walking across the street carrying a big plastic drink cup, and she just flung it down in the street, ice and whatever was left in it splattering the crosswalk. She let that cup go just like a dog shitting wherever it gets the urge, not giving it a second thought.

Whoever shoots the spray paint kids, can you please shoot her too?


Happy Good Friday!

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