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alternative man

Michael Jerome Phillips

Poems and short stories

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After more than 10 years or searching I have finally tracked down the remaining, brand new old copies of alternative man. They were found in a sealed box in the corner of a decommissioned ICBM silo in New Mexico, but that's all I can say about it. Let the rejoicing begin. Or something. Mother Road Publications, ISBN 0-9636829-5-4

Paperback: $8.95 - 71 pages, 8.5 x 5.5"
E-book: $4.47

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Musician turned writer has a keen eye for humor, pathos, & the bizarre in these short pieces. - Bookpeople

[alternative man] contains some of the best stuff by a new writer in or out of the small presses. - Andersen Prunty, Absent magazine

Imaginary reality and the hard, cold merge in tales dominated by characters whirled in confusion and odd determination. An old-school punk, tempered (slightly) and swollen with skill. - Christopher M., First Class magazine

let me tip the hat to the poet Michael Phillips! the book - 'Alternative man' was a great read - I'm going to share his stuff with my crowd. - Ulvis Alberts

The fiction has to be the strangest...the five star fucked-up award goes to "anything for a quid", about a guy who visits a prostitute in England who turns her clients on with a monkey puppet made of socks. - Michael Halchin, Bleeding Velvet Octopus magazine

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