God damn

suddenly Bukowski manuscripts are ridiculously valuable (yes, more Bukowski — if you have had enough Bukowski for one lifetime, please skip to the next post).

A million and one stupid things

I posted a laundry list of hypocritical carryings-on by so called “moral leaders” a couple weeks ago, but it neglected to include one of America’s most notable rabid right-wing morality and family values blabbermouths: “Doctor” Laura Schlessinger!

Kennedy to John Lydon; “Oh, lighten up!”

Carol bought me this stand-up desk that I’ve been wanting for about seven years…ever since I worked at the first web hosting company and the 12 hour days on my ass in the office chair started to drive me insane. it’s beautiful man – standing here typing. but I find it harder to concentrate. I haven’t done any real work here yet. though I’ve only had it for a week or so.

I couldn’t possibly be *that* fat!

I was looking through a big box of someone’s family pictures tonight – the family lived on the East coast and had pictures of family members and places all over America, Scandanavia, Germany, Scotland and Australia…even on board the Queen Mary. it got me wondering how the pictures wound up here in San Pedro. I mean, I know how they wound up here, but it’s interesting to think about where else they have been.

What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

jesus, the flag graphic and commentary on the first page of the site are certainly generating a lot of ugly emails. what is it about a war that gives imbeciles such a raging hard on?

Monday’s coming like a jail on wheels

I had the misfortune of watching the last 40 minutes of the GRAMMY