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Happy birthday to smog. Now where’s my cake?

Wow, ten years of smog, go figure. In October of 1995, was born under the bold and stupid domain. The site was later briefly named monkeychow while at the mjptv domain, then I registered and that’s what it’s been called since. But I still like monkeychow.

There were less than 20,000 web sites in October of 1995, so I guess that makes me a pioneer of sorts. Though it hardly matters now, since your mother probably has her own web site. And smog isn’t as “important” as it once was, now that I serve only myself, rather than half of the rest of the world.

I got nothing


Ain’t that a bitch when people post that they’re too busy to post?

Well, working on a top secret (yeah) project, and buried at the job. Getting ready to go to NYC for a week. Time, time.

Some genius said, “Time exists so everything doesn’t happen at once.” But that doesn’t make sense when everything does happen at once. So much for genius. I should get a genius grant for trying to prove genius doesn’t exist.

See, now that’s some deep shit.