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Shameless self-promotion or a desperate cry for love? You decide.

My elbow is finally starting to feel better. I tore the main ligament in there while working on this project.

Yes, that injury happened six months ago, and yes, until very recently it hurt every minute of every day, which is very distracting. Now it only hurts part of the day, which is progress, and I may be glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Further proof that drinking will kill you

A relaxing Saturday night at home, I was cooking a pot of spaghetti, all was well with the world, so I thought a finger or two of fine Kentucky Bourbon over a couple of ice cubes would be appropriate.

I had an unopened bottle of Knob Creek at hand, so I peeled away the wax around the neck and pulled out the cork. I guess the glass was cracked, or it was a faulty bottle, because the instant the cork popped, the bottom fell out, and the contents of the entire bottle flowed out over the countertop, down the sides of the counter between the stove on one side and the refrigerator on the other, and all over me from the waist down.

Big Apple dreamin’ on a wooden floor

rainstreetRecently back home from a week long trip to New York city, which is all well and good, except for the record breaking, biblical-proportions rain that fell for the entire week. Seriously, it stopped raining for maybe 15 minutes while we were there. Then I came home (Carol went on to Philadelphia for a few days), and it rained here for a week.

New York is an interesting place, I have always liked the layout and the ease of movement. People say that Los Angeles should learn from the mass transit systems of cities like New York, London and Paris, but I think people who say that never lived in Los Angeles. Or looked at it on a map.