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Scuttlebutt and innuendo

buktyperNow that the Bukowski material is all gone from smog there’s probably no one here to read this. Ah, well. Maybe you’ll all show up on the groovy new Bukowski forum¬†and we’ll get to know each other better.

Forums are tricky business. I ran one on smog for a while – actually I tried one here a couple of times, but it never panned out. I think there were too many artists on the site and the thing never had a focus. I have learned over the years that for every few hundred visitors you have, only one will leave a comment, send an email, make a forum post, etc.

Beware the fury of a patient man

aws12tYes, it’s true — I have finally received the mythical Peace Card set, a letterpress project that started well over three years ago.

I sent off my contribution in October of 2002, and as you may have read around here¬†somewhere, waiting turned to disbelief, frustration, anger — all of those groovy emotions that make life worth living