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I haven’t given up, I’ve just stopped trying


I stuck the knife deep into the heart of on Sunday, and killed off my little 8 year old project. 8 years and three months to be exact, but who’s counting. That’s a long time to run an unsuccessful web business. I think we may have set some kind of record.

By unsuccessful I don’t mean it lost money – we usually made money. Just enough to pay for the infrastructure, such as it was. No one who ever worked on it took away a penny.

I don’t pray. Kneeling bags my nylons.

danielson198x198I saw a really interesting documentary called, Danielson: A Family Movie, and it got me thinking about a lot of things.

Mainly about why so many “Christian” performers feel compelled to sing about the blood of Jesus in every song. As if a song that fails to mention Jesus a dozen times is some kind of one-way ticket to HELL.