What Is mjp Books?

Or maybe I should say, who is mjp Books? In light of my last post I should probably say that mjp Books is no longer. Mainly because mjp is no longer. The books that are here will stay here since when I wrote them I was Michael Phillips. The books haven’t changed, even though I […]

Out and About

If you don’t listen to my podcast, well, I understand, podcasts are an acquired taste. But if you don’t listen, then you didn’t have the pleasure and privilege of hearing my latest masterful narrative opus, Putting the T in LGBTQ. “Wait, you mean ‘T’ as in transgender, mjp?” Yes, T as in transgender. That’s me. […]

How to Make Noodles Using Coffee Instead of Water

Nearly every day when lunchtime rolls around, I’m working, trying to finish some article about something that I don’t know anything about. Or that I didn’t know anything about when I woke up in the morning. I don’t want to interrupt my creative genius flow, so I go into the kitchen and grab a cup […]

Supercharge Your Content Creation With These Awesome Content-Creation Tips (#7 Will Shock You!) and Send Your Click-Rate Into the Stratosphere!

“Content” is a shit word coined by shit people to describe shit writing. Not that I have a strong feeling about the subject…

Sears Popcorn

Carol and I were on a long drive the other day, and out of the blue I said, “Sears popcorn.” She said, “Oh my god!” because Sears popcorn is one of those things that brings back a strong memory if you experienced it as a kid. Carol said, “I can smell it…” “I know, right? […]

Under a Sky of Some Sort

I’ve been waiting for the joshuatree.blog domain to expire for about four months now. It finally did, and I actually “caught the drop,” and was able to register it before an army of robots got to it. So I may be starting up something over there. Will this go away? I don’t think so. Will […]

R.I.P. Gemma

She was a good girl. Gemma, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you when you needed me most. I’m so sorry.

My One-sided and Probably Totally Biased Memories of the Guerilla Poetics Project

In a podcast I did with author Hosho McCreesh we talked a bit about the Guerilla Poetics Project, and I think the project was interesting enough to talk about in a little more detail. As a cautionary tale, perhaps. I don’t mean that to sound ominous, I think it was a great project and still […]

Where, oh where, has my little dog gone?

I don’t post much here lately, and that’s because the things that used to go into a blog post now go into the podcast. So if you want to know what’s happening, go have a listen, eh? Listening is easier than reading, any teenager will tell you that.

Bringing the hammer down

Someone who works here in the office has a body odor problem. I mean, that’s not exactly accurate, is it? The person who stinks doesn’t have the problem, everyone else does. So we have a body odor problem, he doesn’t. Which is apropos of nothing, but it got me thinking about how glad I am that […]


So I was minding my own business, looking online for a larger or better version of this promo photo of Boom Shaka:

I went down to Hammond, I did as I pleased

There are a lot of great sitcoms on TV these days. Or rather, that thing that TV is morphing into, however you watch it. FX or FXX (or FXXX?) is home to many of them, including a really fast, funny, utterly absurd thing called, “You’re The Worst.”

In a world of newborns, the toddler is king

When, exactly, did the memo go out to every young female singer instructing them that from now on they would all play ukuleles and sing like children choking back sobs? You may as well tell me, because I know that a memo went out, that a rule was established somewhere. It had to be. This isn’t […]

“I am currently at work putting together a quote”

I’m posting this in lieu of actual entertainment. It’s an email exchange with an insurance salesman. It came out of nowhere and was addressed to “Kevin Healy,” which ain’t me. The subject line was, “I am currently at work putting together a quote.” This was sent to a common-word gmail address I’ve had forever that gets […]

How to do everything wrong

I told you that a podcast ate my blog, but other than that I haven’t said much about it around here. Maybe because I don’t see much separation between here and there, but I suppose there is some separation. I’ve been putting out a podcast every week for six months now, so this may be a […]