Doctor, it hurts when I move my arm like this…

I am apolitical to the point of being apathetic. Neither Democrat or Republican, more a begrudging participant, and even then, only when it’s time to vote. As far as voting for president is concerned, I have done so every four years since 1980, and in those seven presidential elections I have not once managed to cast a vote for the “winning” candidate. That should give you an idea of where I’m coming from. Not exactly the mainstream, but I came to grips with that a long time ago.

Happy birthday to smog. Now where’s my cake?

Wow, ten years of smog, go figure. In October of 1995, was born under the bold and stupid domain. The site was later briefly named “monkeychow” while at the mjptv domain, then I registered and that’s what it’s been called since. But I still like monkeychow.

Well, could I have her spam instead of the baked beans then?

Well, I think I have this set up now to stop most of the comments from the casinos and mortgage scam joints.

What kind of festering bag of filth resorts to spamming anyway?

Don’t think twice, it’s all right

Gah, two new Dell computers arrived tonight. They weren’t supposed to be here until Monday. Now at least one of them will be taunting me all weekend to set it up.

Life at 300 baud

Carol and I have been watching a great documentary for the past couple of days, and I know how documentary-hungy you bitches are, so here it is — BBS: The Documentary.

Lenny Bruce was right

ebay canceled two auctions I had running because they considered them, “Hateful or Discriminatory.”

Bad meat in the can

we certainly collect a lot of weird shit, there’s no denying that. beer cans, civil war bullets, old radios, HotWheels cars, plates with shit printed on them…it’s really a never ending list. but I will admit that I was surprised to learn that there were label collectors.

Rock the cash bar

oh, this is a good one…the IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) along with the Motion Picture Association has proposed a “code of conduct” for your internet service provider to abide by. the “code” involves lovely activities such as filtering, spying and handing over your name and address to a giant corporation’s lawyers, all in the name of “social responsibility.”

And who the hell figured QWERTY was a good idea?

I had to switch to windows XP on my work computer (hey, early adopters are suckers!) and while I’ve been able to make it work like windows 2000 for the most part (instead of the default Fischer Price “My First Computer” look of XP), they took the old ctrl + alt + del method for locking the computer and moved it to windows + l. for six years I’ve been doing ctrl + alt + del before I walk away from my desk, but now that only brings up the task manager, not the shutdown/lock options.

Hey, just because he likes Judy Garland records and the Tony awards doesn’t necessarily mean anything

this DRUDGE REPORT site is really funny. I went there expecting some super-blog, or at least some original content. but all I found was a page of links. how did this angry closet case weasel a syndicated radio show (and a creepy form of right-wing-wacko web cred) out of a page of links to news sites?

The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.”

In a move of disappointing and confounding stupidity, recklessness, cowardice and avarice the FreeBSD team has announced a competition to design a new logo/mascot to replace the FreeBSD demon/daemon.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

David Johansen and Syl Sylvain are *not* the New York Dolls. so why do I keep reading about a “New York Dolls” reunion? that’s like saying, “Come on all you old hippies! We’re going to have a BEATLES reunion!” it would kind of suck, wouldn’t it, without John Lennon and George Harrison. well, that’s what the fops and dandies promoting the Dolls reunion are offering you. a half-assed approximation of the real thing.


I’ve been wondering what the purpose of is for some time now. why I’m running it, why I am, in effect, curating or editing, when that’s not my thing at all. I never set out to put myself in the position to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to an artist or writer, but that’s where I wound up. And as you can imagine, the vast majority of the time, that job really sucks.

Brace yourself for a shitstorm

wow, I really hate what benfox is writing here [this refers to some entries in the old public blog, may it rest in hell]. I mean, I really, really hate it. it’s exactly the kind of pretentious bullshit that I reject out of hand when it comes in as a submission. so why is it stinking up this section of the site? I don’t know. I should get rid of it, but it’s so bad I leave it there as a cruel joke on the rest of you. perhaps it is time to pull the plug on this experiment. this wasn’t meant to be a place where people could post garbage that didn’t make it through the front door.

It’s my party, I’ll o.d. if I want to

I’m buried, drowning, whatever you want to call it, in work around here. granted, it’s web work, but it’s still work. at least when I did manual labor or printing or house painting or construction or music or sold candles door to door, there was a time at the end of the day where work stopped and real life began (okay, maybe not with music, but I threw that in there anyway to brag…i made a living playing in a band, and not many people can say that, so I like to point it out once in a while to show how awesome I am. ha ha ha…). but now, with this internet thingy, the day never ends, time never stops and the clock is always ticking. as usual, the thing that was supposed to free us has enslaved us. or me at least.