Johnny Cash is dead, Tower records is bankrupt, god save the fucking Queen

I just read that Tower records is near bankrupt, and in the last year Musicland, Sam Goody, and Wherehouse have all filed for bankruptcy protection, and one day, there aren’t going to be any record stores. Why? Because modern music sucks ass! No, really, it is because of peer to peer file sharing networks.

God damn

suddenly Bukowski manuscripts are ridiculously valuable (yes, more Bukowski — if you have had enough Bukowski for one lifetime, please skip to the next post).

Kennedy to John Lydon; “Oh, lighten up!”

Carol bought me this stand-up desk that I’ve been wanting for about seven years…ever since I worked at the first web hosting company and the 12 hour days on my ass in the office chair started to drive me insane. it’s beautiful man – standing here typing. but I find it harder to concentrate. I haven’t done any real work here yet. though I’ve only had it for a week or so.