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My One-sided and Probably Totally Biased Memories of the Guerilla Poetics Project

In a podcast I did with author Hosho McCreesh we talked a bit about the Guerilla Poetics Project, and I think the project was interesting enough to talk about in a little more detail. As a cautionary tale, perhaps. I don’t mean that to sound ominous, I think it was a great project and still could be. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you’ve never heard of Guerilla Poetics Project, here’s a little breakdown, a thumbnail sketch so to speak, the 50,000-foot view, as countless idiots who have read any business book written in the past 20 years might say. And for the purpose of avoiding saying Guerilla Poetics Project a thousand times, I’m usually going to call it GPP here, which should not be confused with the GDP the BBC or OPP. Everything clear? Then let us proceed into the water, children. Watch out for sharks and pointy, stinging things.

“I am currently at work putting together a quote”

I’m posting this in lieu of actual entertainment. It’s an email exchange with an insurance salesman. It came out of nowhere and was addressed to “Kevin Healy,” which ain’t me. The subject line was, “I am currently at work putting together a quote.”

This was sent to a common-word gmail address I’ve had forever that gets an unusual amount of weird mail. Why people type email addresses that they don’t own into forms when they want a response is a mystery to me, but then most things people do are a mystery to me…

Cross pollinating

I mentioned the new podcast here, but I thought I’d post some links in a cross-promotional kind of way. If you like the blog, you’ll like the podcast. I’m right there in your earbuds, like we’re on a romantic date.

This is not a test, number 3: Los Angeles artist Carol Es
This is not a test, number 2: The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost
This is not a test, number 1: Getting to know you

It’s for you…it’s the future calling


I retired my HTC Android space phone after using it for a year. It did a lot of cool things. A lot of cool, unnecessary things. And it cost a lot of money. Money that was ultimately wasted because I never used any of those cool, unnecessary things.

I mean, not never. I did use two apps quite a bit. The Chase bank app for depositing checks, and the Fresh and Easy coupon app (because that’s where 99% of our food comes from). So the question was, is it worth a thousand dollars a year to deposit a check once a month and to avoid printing out some coupons?

Throwing some heat

The baseball playoffs are underway, and today the Phillies beat the Dodgers. Isn’t that – I don’t know – exciting? I don’t get it, myself. Rooting for a professional sports team. Isn’t is kind of like rooting for Hummer to beat Land Rover in sales this quarter?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the history of regional rivalries in professional sports. But it’s been a couple decades, at least, since players showed allegiance to anyone other than their agents. When I was a kid, pretty much the same group of guys would show up every year and put on Viking or Twins uniforms. There was a continuum there, and you felt like the players represented your state or your city.

I can see for miles, but it’s kind of blurry up ahead

It’s a beautiful time to be a photographer. Just like it’s a beautiful time to be in a real band with real non-computerized music, or to be an artist who paints something other than encephalitic pre-teen girls in frilly dresses with dead deer eyes that only appeal to perverted Japanese wankers and U.S. hipsters who would worship dog shit if you told them it was cool to do so.

I say it’s a great time because I feel the inevitable pendulum swing away from the dead and dying and back to the living. It may not happen tomorrow or next year, but there are a whole hell of a lot of disenfranchised youths out there who are aching for some truth. One of the ways they are finding their truth is with old music equipment, old artistic technologies, and crappy, less than precise photographic equipment.

Brother, can you spare a town?

pedro1-169x112There is a flurry of condo building in downtown San Pedro, and the locals are divided about it. The business and land owners are all for anything new, no matter how wrongheaded, vile or destructive it is, and then there are the non-land and business owners (myself among them) who grimly count down the days until we are nudged out of this beautiful joint by millionaire carpetbaggers and idiots.

I got nothing


Ain’t that a bitch when people post that they’re too busy to post?

Well, working on a top secret (yeah) project, and buried at the job. Getting ready to go to NYC for a week. Time, time.

Some genius said, “Time exists so everything doesn’t happen at once.” But that doesn’t make sense when everything does happen at once. So much for genius. I should get a genius grant for trying to prove genius doesn’t exist.

See, now that’s some deep shit.

You tell me


What the hell is this?

I mean, I know what it is, it’s an old letterpress printing block.

But if anyone can tell me what the hell it means, you win a prize.

Hey, just because he likes Judy Garland records and the Tony awards doesn’t necessarily mean anything

This DRUDGE REPORT site is really funny. I went there expecting some super-blog, or at least some original content. But all I found was a page of links. How did this angry closet case weasel a syndicated radio show (and a creepy form of right-wing-wacko web cred) out of a page of links to news sites?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s never been anything there that wasn’t reported elsewhere. I mean, my hat’s off to the guy, I guess. He’s pulled quite a con job. But the whole thing just seems weird to me.