What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

Jesus, the flag graphic and commentary on the first page of the site are certainly generating a lot of ugly emails. What is it about a war that gives imbeciles such a raging hard on?

What is this Democrat vs. Republican thing? What is this Christian vs. Muslim thing? Fucking hell man, we are killing ourselves over imaginary lines on a map and imaginary gods and it makes us look like idiots.

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Monday’s coming like a jail on wheels

I had the misfortune of watching the last 40 minutes of the GRAMMY©®™ awards last night, and they were even more dull and predictable than I’d remembered. I haven’t watched in many years…let’s see, I think the last time was when Christopher Cross won an armload of statues.

That was a long time ago, and it was clear to me then that this was not a celebration of music, but of music selling. There wasn’t one nominated artist I gave half a shit about, so either I was out of the loop or the GRAMMYS©®™ were. Or both.

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