Various tidbits of marginal interest to anyone

Someone asked me yesterday if I was glad that Democrats were in control of the government now. About the only advantage I can see to having Democrats in control is that at least they use a little lube when they screw you. The differences between politicians of one party or another are minor. A politician is a politician, and they are all useless.

But the answer is yes, I feel better having Democratic politicians at the wheel. These Republicans of yours are flat out insane. Just balls-to-the-wall, no-apologies, lying-through-their-teeth lunatic hypocrites, each and every one of them. So, yes. The answer is yes.

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Brother, can you spare a town?

pedro1-169x112There is a flurry of condo building in downtown San Pedro, and the locals are divided about it. The business and land owners are all for anything new, no matter how wrongheaded, vile or destructive it is, and then there are the non-land and business owners (myself among them) who grimly count down the days until we are nudged out of this beautiful joint by millionaire carpetbaggers and idiots.

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Another cantankerous rant, surprise!

corporationHave you seen The Corporation? Well, you should. Go put it in your Netflix queue right now. I’ll wait.

While you’re watching it, remember how much like a corporation the current administration behaves. They are all about the bottom line, as long as their asses aren’t on the line. As the kids say.

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Oh good lord, it’s a kid’s show

WonderShowzenWell, I don’t know what to say about Wonder Showzen. I recently saw the first five episodes and it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I saw a web site for the show before I saw any episodes, and to me it looked like a smug, oh-so-ironic, bullshit takeoff on Sesame Street. It is a takeoff on Sesame Street, that’s about all I got right.

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Sleeping dogs

powwebLast Friday the layoffs started for the Los Angeles staff at PowWeb. This after Endurance assured and guaranteed me, on several different occasions, that their jobs would be safe through the end of the summer. Just another example of the sterling behavior of the GREATEST HOST ON EARTH. Yeah.

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Dumb and dumber

Riding Out the Dumb SilenceWell, ain’t that a fine ride…I have in my hot little hands the final proof of the paperback version of Riding Out the Dumb Silence, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t right and tight and ready to go.

I should have a pile of them here ready to ship on July 15th, but smart shoppers pre-order! Just click here and you too can have your very own copy hot off the press.

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HDTV for $150!

glassesWell, ahhhh, let’s see. God damn, a lot has gone on in the last week and a half. First thing is, I got HIGH DEFINITION TV!

Actually, I got glasses. My vision has always been most marvelous, or so I thought. I’m getting old, see, so I can’t see things up close so well. So I went to the eye doctor and got me some expensive reading glasses. I don’t use them.

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Thank you for calling the White House. My name is Krishna, how may I be providing you excellent service today?

For the second time the company I work for has been sold out from under me, and for the second time the buyer was not another company in the same industry, but rather an investment group.

Our 77,000 clients are now being moved over to a company whose main interest is acquisitions (Endurance International Group), and only seems to be using the web hosting business as a means to get to large amounts of cash.

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Decades and bits of centuries

Well I’m jumping ship. Gave a week’s notice at the old job, so I’ll work this coming Friday there and the following Monday I’ll be at the new gig. A weekend is much better than the two years I had between jobs last time, so I can’t complain. Two years of unemployment has it’s positive points, but on the downside, abject poverty gets old real fast.

New job, same business – web hosting – but Windows this time, rather than the typical unix/Apache joint. For most of you that is meaningless, and for that you should consider yourself fortunate.

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Secret Society

clowngirlbandI had a very good meeting tonight in a tiny vegetarian Indian restaurant on Sunset Boulevard with a couple of nice men from a secret society who may improve my (working) life here in the next few days.

No, they weren’t Scientologists or Hare Krishnas. They weren’t government agents or Mafia bosses. Just a couple of guys.

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Sometimes I don’t speak right, but yet I know what I’m talking about

I enjoy this instant publish/instant feedback of the blog, but I may have to ease off.

Since starting the blog my “real” writing has dropped off to a tiny fraction of what it had been. In the past, if something was pissing me off, I wrote a poem, if something happened to me, I wrote a poem…you get the picture. I communicated through the poems. Now I communicate through the blog, and that’s great for what it is, but it’s not something you can send off to the University of Knobshead to publish in their literary journal.

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This is the modern world

I had to tell about 20 people today that they were going to be out of work soon.

And it makes me want to puke. The only thing keeping me from feeling really bad is that I am in the same boat as everyone I was talking to today.

That’s scant – it’s scant SOMETHING. But I’ve been drinking Bombay Sapphire and typing very carefully.

But really…in real life…I want to fucking kill someone.

Smile, motherfuckers. smile.

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Shakespeare never did this

bookdisplaysmall2Stopped by the Los Angeles Antiquarian Book Fair at the Century Plaza on Friday. Well, “stopped by” isn’t exactly accurate, as you can’t just “stop by” either the hotel or the book fair, since both are kind of a pain in the ass to visit, but you get the point.

Carol’s artist’s book was there, being shown by two booksellers (a book that is in the permanent collection at UCLA, and was just purchased this week by the friggin’ Getty Museum, I might add!). One of them was displaying it in a case with a giant Marc Chagall book containing original paintings…but I digress.

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Scuttlebutt and innuendo

buktyperNow that the Bukowski material is all gone from smog there’s probably no one here to read this. Ah, well. Maybe you’ll all show up on the groovy new Bukowski forum¬†and we’ll get to know each other better.

Forums are tricky business. I ran one on smog for a while – actually I tried one here a couple of times, but it never panned out. I think there were too many artists on the site and the thing never had a focus. I have learned over the years that for every few hundred visitors you have, only one will leave a comment, send an email, make a forum post, etc.

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Beware the fury of a patient man

aws12tYes, it’s true — I have finally received the mythical Peace Card set, a letterpress project that started well over three years ago.

I sent off my contribution in October of 2002, and as you may have read around here¬†somewhere, waiting turned to disbelief, frustration, anger — all of those groovy emotions that make life worth living

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