What Is mjp Books?

Or maybe I should say, who is mjp Books?

In light of my last post I should probably say that mjp Books is no longer. Mainly because mjp is no longer.

The books that are here will stay here since when I wrote them I was Michael Phillips. (Eh, or not. See hannahbooks.us.) The books haven’t changed, even though I have. This blog though, is done.

Any new books or writing-on-paper-type project things will go on a new site. I’m not sure what that site will be. Maybe hannahphillips.net (or, you know, hannahbooks.us), which is, at the moment, a blank canvas.

Kind of like my life.

what next?

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  1. end of an era! Go get em girl .. maybe one day I’ll sneak back into the forum for a 7th time and wish you well over there also Been awhile, take good care.


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