Boggle: to hesitate as if in fear or doubt

If we needed any more proof that the earth is hurtling toward Armageddon at an all new super-sized pace, it is still ridiculously hot here in beautiful Los Angeles. 88 degrees and climbing as I type this. This has been the summer from hell everywhere and it continues without mercy.

Not only that, but last night I had to murder a two inch long scorpion that was found trotting down our hallway. It was on the way to the bedroom no doubt, where it would have waited patiently to kill us.

I know that Jeeesus put the scorpions here and we should really celebrate them as valued brethren, but what the hell was it doing walking down our hallway? In San Pedro? I thought those little fuckers lived in the desert?

I have no idea what to expect next. A flood? A plague of frogs? Bush re-elected?

The mind boggles.

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