So much things to say

Have you checked out the podcast recently? Yes, it’s still a thing, and it’s still going strong. Do your ears a favor and luxuriate in the wonders of my voice. Or something. It’s like a blog, only not. This is not a test #12: I reject your reality and substitute my own This is not …

In your ears

Oh look, he’s back. It’s been a few months, for those of you who didn’t realize I was gone. You’re probably thinking I ran out of things to say, but that’s not it. I have a few posts here that I’ve written but haven’t published. So my absence wasn’t due to a lack of ideas. No, what’s …

He Was an Old Man in a Young Girl’s World

Okay, I’m going to rave about a fringe movie again, one that will only appeal to one out of every hundred people who read this, but it’s what I do, so don’t try to stop me. The last one, Rockers, is mainly of interest to old school reggae lovers and Jamaicaphiles, and this one will hit a chord mainly with old punks and possibly fans of Diane Lane and Laura Dern. It’s called Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.

Moded, (moated?), burned and jerked

So, this band I was in during the late 1980s was in a movie. It was a lot of fun. You know, pretending to play for hours while they film you from on top, behind, up your nose and every other which way you can imagine. Yeah, it was a real blast. “A little more energy, fellows!” Okay, okay, let me summon my spare energy after four hours miming the same song. Toward the end I couldn’t even remember how to play the song, I was so punch drunk, so I was just moving my fingers around on the guitar, like an actor! I always hoped that would make it into the movie, but it didn’t.

I’m like a stepping razor, don’t you watch my size, I’m dangerous

I watched the movie Rockers again over the weekend. This is absolutely and unequivocally tied for my favorite movie of all time. Rockers is my Woodstock, baby. Shot in Jamaica in 1976 and 1977, the golden age of reggae music, this film is packed with legendary roots musicians as “actors,” great music, and a wicked revenge story that culminates in a sort of shantytown crissmass mornin’, iya!

Another cantankerous rant, surprise!

Have you seen The Corporation? Well, you should. Go put it in your Netflix queue right now. I’ll wait.

While you’re watching it, remember how much like a corporation the current administration behaves. They are all about the bottom line, as long as their asses aren’t on the line. As the kids say.

Brush fires burn Los Angeles county these days, as they usually do this time of year, and a brown layer of doom hovers over much of the basin we live in, waiting patiently. For what, I don’t know. What does doom wait for? More doom? We are balanced on the edge everywhere you go, you probably see it in your own city.

12 steps away from the screen, running

every time I see actor Paul Giamatti in a movie, he’s good. he was downright excellent as Harvey Pekar in “American Splendor.” so when I heard that the best actor academy award was going to be between Giamatti and Jamie Fox, I was pulling for Giamatti to win it. to tell the truth, I don’t really care who wins an academy award, but I’m always down for the underdog in any contest. now, having recently seen “Ray” and “Sideways,” I don’t think either one of them should win anything. ever.

Z is for zealot

the Z channel was one of the first pay cable stations in the country, airing interesting films around the clock. obscure, weird films, director’s cuts, foreign films that no one in america could see. Z was only available in a small area of west Los Angeles, but the area was/is full of entertainment industry types, and they all watched, which made the channel, and the guy who started it – Jerry Harvey – very influential.

Never give a media giant an even break

Taking its battle against rampant piracy of films and music to the front lines, Warner Home Video said it will sell cut-rate DVDs in China in a bid to compete on the counterfeiters’ home turf.

10 things I’ve done that you haven’t

I swiped this from Mat Gleason’s Coagula blog. I guess it’s some viral list going around, which normally I would do my best to ignore, but this one is actually interesting. So yeah, here are – 10 Things I’ve done that you haven’t!