If I had a hammer

for several weeks I’ve been meaning to tighten up the bolts on the chair I sit in here at the office. the problem has been that we don’t have the correct tool for the job here (or any tools for that matter), so I’ve just been carrying on as if nothing is wrong, in an increasingly wobbly and probably horribly dangerous chair.

10 things I’ve done that you haven’t

I swiped this from Mat Gleason’s Coagula blog. I guess it’s some viral list going around, which normally I would do my best to ignore, but this one is actually interesting. So yeah, here are – 10 Things I’ve done that you haven’t!

How to lose ten pounds in five minutes!

well, not really, more like a mere 13 ounces, but they could feel like ten pounds in the shower. “they” being my now chopped off dreadlocks.

Every mikkle make a muckle (ask a Jamaican what it means)

those wacky bastards at the social security administration sent me my yearly social security statement today, and it’s a real eye opener, I tell ya.

What’s it all about, mjp?

there’s been a lot to write about lately, and I haven’t written about any of it. writing about the election is pointless – there are 800 million words on the net about it, and someone somewhere has no doubt already said what I would have said (without as much style and panache, of course — yeah).

Let’s get ready to rumble

I made it home from work tonight.

that may not sound like a great accomplishment, but consider the fact that my car was rear-ended by a drunk lunatic in a rainstorm about 2 years ago, and after finding out that my expensive insurance didn’t cover the damage (because I didn’t get a license number), I let the car sit at the curb like a sad, crumpled loser for about a year until I got a job I had to drive to, at which time I yanked the collapsed wheel well away from the tire, sawed off the part of the bumper that was hanging down on to the ground, and drove the thing to work.

Hit and run walker

this just happened:

from outside I hear, crash, thump, “ahharh…”

It’s all cow, after all

Our local chain grocery store has undergone a painful six month remodel and is now open again, all shiny and new with a Starbucks and a deli, and it no longer leaks big puddles of water around the frozen foods, or smells weird in back, by the bottled water. Anyway, the only ‘improvement’ we make use of is the deli, where I was today, getting some thinly sliced Swiss cheese.

Boggle: to hesitate as if in fear or doubt

if we needed any more proof that the earth is hurtling toward armageddon at an all new super-sized pace, it is still ridiculously hot here in beautiful Los Angeles. 88 degrees and climbing as I type this. this has been the summer from hell everywhere and it continues without mercy.

This is what I get for leaving the house

I went to Schwartz bakery on Melrose to get a special birthday cake for Carol, and before I went she typed to me (I was at work), “get some fresh holy bread.” and I typed back, “holy bread???” and she said, “yeah, it’s yummy!” okay, holy bread. what do I know.

Kennedy to John Lydon; “Oh, lighten up!”

Carol bought me this stand-up desk that I’ve been wanting for about seven years…ever since I worked at the first web hosting company and the 12 hour days on my ass in the office chair started to drive me insane. it’s beautiful man – standing here typing. but I find it harder to concentrate. I haven’t done any real work here yet. though I’ve only had it for a week or so.