Brace yourself for a shitstorm

wow, I really hate what benfox is writing here [this refers to some entries in the old public blog, may it rest in hell]. I mean, I really, really hate it. it’s exactly the kind of pretentious bullshit that I reject out of hand when it comes in as a submission. so why is it stinking up this section of the site? I don’t know. I should get rid of it, but it’s so bad I leave it there as a cruel joke on the rest of you. perhaps it is time to pull the plug on this experiment. this wasn’t meant to be a place where people could post garbage that didn’t make it through the front door.

On a clear day you can see the 19th century

there is a lighthouse about half a block from here that was built in 1874, and they have been “restoring” it for about four years now (it looked fine to me before they began the restoration, but what do I know). I just read in the paper that it has finally opened for visitors, but only from 11am to 2pm on sundays. oh, and the inside is still empty. they expect to have the inside finished in 2006.

Hit and run walker

this just happened:

from outside I hear, crash, thump, “ahharh…”

Johnny Cash is dead, Tower records is bankrupt, god save the fucking Queen

I just read that Tower records is near bankrupt, and in the last year Musicland, Sam Goody, and Wherehouse have all filed for bankruptcy protection, and one day, there aren’t going to be any record stores. Why? Because modern music sucks ass! No, really, it is because of peer to peer file sharing networks.

God damn

suddenly Bukowski manuscripts are ridiculously valuable (yes, more Bukowski — if you have had enough Bukowski for one lifetime, please skip to the next post).

A million and one stupid things

I posted a laundry list of hypocritical carryings-on by so called “moral leaders” a couple weeks ago, but it neglected to include one of America’s most notable rabid right-wing morality and family values blabbermouths: “Doctor” Laura Schlessinger!

I couldn’t possibly be *that* fat!

I was looking through a big box of someone’s family pictures tonight – the family lived on the East coast and had pictures of family members and places all over America, Scandanavia, Germany, Scotland and Australia…even on board the Queen Mary. it got me wondering how the pictures wound up here in San Pedro. I mean, I know how they wound up here, but it’s interesting to think about where else they have been.

What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

jesus, the flag graphic and commentary on the first page of the site are certainly generating a lot of ugly emails. what is it about a war that gives imbeciles such a raging hard on?