Don’t think twice, it’s all right

new-dell-yesGah, two new Dell computers arrived tonight. They weren’t supposed to be here until Monday. Now at least one of them will be taunting me all weekend to set it up.

Problem is there are seven computers in the house now (it would have been eight, but we managed to dump one off on Carol’s mother a few weeks ago), and not that I don’t appreciate the absurdity of two people having seven computers, I do, it’s just a bit much.

So we’ll work the Dells into the rotation and take out…hmm, an old Compaq that we’re using as a server (just in the house, mind you, because every small two bedroom house needs it’s own web server), and one of the Microns.

old-compaq-noComputers depreciate faster than 1989 Yugos. The hardware I’ve spent thousands of dollars on over the last 15 years is collectively worth about a buck-fifty now, so buying new electronics always rubs me the wrong way.

But here we are – two new computers and a pair of flat panel monitors for less than I spent on one Compaq ten years ago. But in all fairness, that Compaq did come equipped with a blindingly fast 28.8 modem, so I got my money’s worth!

And I can sleep soundly knowing that I’ve contributed to the sea of junk that the creatures of the 30th century will look at the way we look at dinosaur bones. But I’ll be dust long before this Micron will, so screw you, future creatures!

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