It’s in the water

Living in Los Angeles I have the opportunity to come across unique and distinctive individuals every day. Yesterday I happened to cross paths with two extraordinary examples.

First, driving a convertible south on the 110 freeway was a man (I think) covered completely in bath towels. One over his head like a shah, and towels over each arm, right up to his knuckles on the steering wheel.They weren’t fastened in any way, just flung over him. Well organized, but loose. I was next to him for 30 or 40 seconds, and try as I might I couldn’t get a glimpse of the face…just a dark figure under a towel.

Then at the local Rite-Aid drug store a woman was standing at the end of the checkout stand, waiting to speak to a manager. I know she was waiting to speak to a manager because she was loudly telling her story to everyone within 100 feet.

“Damn right I want to speak to a manager. Take my money, rob me, take my soul, uh uh, I don’t think so! No sir. Yes I want to see a manager. Yes I do. And if I don’t get to see a manager in about a minute I’m going to march out of here and take this bottle to the FBI! Try to sell me water that changes my personality?! Uh uh, I don’t think so! No sir.

So a woman whose bottle of water changed her personality and a mysterious towel-shrouded motorist speeding toward the harbor. Hard to say which was more deserving of an accolade, so I hereby co-award them my new Unique and Distinctive Individual Award™©®!

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