Move aside and let the man go through

These Obama photos are in Time magazine this week.


Taken at a Los Angeles college in 1980 by fellow student Lisa Jack, I heard speculation this morning on NPR that had these photos been published last summer they would have had a negative impact on Obama chances of becoming President.

I don’t doubt that. Half the people who saw them would see a degenerate punk negro, the other half a steady mobbin’ pimp who would make a great thug president. Both would be wrong, and therein lies the rub, as the kids say.

I don’t think it would have mattered had these pictures come out last summer. I wish they had. They humanize the guy a bit. All I see in the modern Obama is a robot politician, and I’ve seen enough of those.

My new throw away line is, “Don’t worry, Obama will fix it!” which I say in answer to any complaint.

“mjp, the heat isn’t working in my office.”
“Don’t worry, Obama will fix it!”

“The dog shit in the driveway again.”
“Don’t worry, Obama will fix it!”

“These potatoes look like they’ve gone bad.”
“Don’t worry, Obama will fix it!”

“My mother is driving me crazy!”
“Don’t worry, Obama will fix it!”

“This drought is going to kill California agriculture.”
“Don’t worry, Obama will fix it!”

I mean, he will, right?

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