Nobody’s fault

Oh my. I laughed so hard that the Knob Creek I was sipping came out of my nose when I read about the hubbub over a hidden sex scene in video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Let’s see…assaults? Check! Carjacking? Check! Stomping women to death? Check! Decapitating cops? Check! Chain saw attacks? Check! Wait a minute…what’s this! Those people are screwing! Sweet Jesus! Get this thing off the shelves!

The greater part of this country is controlled by a handful of soft-headed hillbillies and the people who live in fear of them. It’s a sad and pathetic state, but not unexpected. If history has taught us anything it’s that the pendulum swings, baby!

But it swings both ways (oh oh, censor this, that sounds like a reference to sexuality!), so I do hope the bible-humpers are enjoying their moment in the sun. Because before they know it, it will be over.

Just ask the Victorians, the flappers, the uptight bastards of the 50’s, or the hippies. Fame is fleeting. All is illusion.

And, if I can state the obvious, video games don’t spawn violent or sexualized children, parents do.

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