Much to the relief of adolescent boys everywhere…

Michael Jackson has dropped dead.

I did learn something from Jackson – no, not how to moonwalk – but rather this very important lesson: if you call yourself something, everyone will eventually quote it as fact. In Jackson’s case, it was the laughable and grandiose “King of Pop” title. One day his management started telling journalists to refer to him that way, and they did. Now in news stories of his death you read things like, “Known as the King of Pop…”

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I got better things on the other side of town

Sony Music, Warner, EMI, Columbia Pictures, et al continue their assault on the Pirate Bay in particular and file sharing in general with a short-sightedness that is awe inspiring. They are obviously confused and frightened, clinging to their 20th century model of thievery and exploitation while the world shifts beneath their feet. I know they can’t see the changes because they are too busy looking to the sky for the falling pennies, but you would think that they could feel it.

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Complacency is not an option


“Yeah, I know we’re supposed to be…I know the human race is supposed to get down on its knees in front of all this new technology and kiss the microchip’s circuits. It don’t impress me all that much.

When there ain’t nothing but “You make! You buy! You die!” That’s the motto of America! You get born to buy it!

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Who colt the game?

I love the music of Bob Marley and The Wailers. A lot of people do. But the reggae music of the mid to late 1970s actually changed my life, as it knocked me off the musical axis I was spinning on and shot me into an entirely new direction (and 2000 miles across the country). But yes, it would seem that everyone loves Bob Marley. Soul rebel, natural mystic.

Lately I have been listening to The Wailers music from a period that I had previously neglected, the late 1960s/early 1970s – pre-Island Records. There are literally hundreds of tracks recorded during this period, and many songs that became well known later in The Wailers career were first recorded during this time.

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Speak now or forever hold your peace

I got sick at the beginning of the year and a nasty infection decided to set up a permanent home in my chest. It is improving somewhat now, but only after two rounds of Azithromycin.

I don’t usually take antibiotics, and I sure as hell don’t go to the doctor for a cold, but this has been something else entirely. I think it comes from outer space. So I was open to taking whatever any doctor wanted to shove in front of me

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Life is just a bowl of chickpeas

A new Fresh & Easy market recently opened a few blocks from the house. That is unexciting news unless you’re old and weird, as I appear to be. So it was great news to me, especially since the other nearby markets are in crowded areas at least a mile away, and feature everyday high (and seemingly higher by the week) prices.

goodlife236x162But as fun and interesting as it is to talk about grocery shopping, it isn’t really why I’m here today. I am here to show you my naan label.

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Well, I’ll be damned

Did the fresh new President Obama just include “nonbelievers” in his list of religious beliefs that made up America? I was listening to his inaugural address in the car, and I’m not sure I heard that right. That has to be a first.

Let’s ask Google.

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I took a ride with the pretty music

StoogesI wasn’t going to write anything about the death of Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton, because it seems like a million articles have popped up on line since his death, written by the millions of people who loved him and loved the Stooges. Maybe the internet made the Stooges famous, because 30 years ago you couldn’t give a Stooges record away (they made their first record 40 years ago, in 1969).

But I digress. I have been thinking a lot about Asheton in the past couple of weeks because I’ve been listening to the ridiculous, excessive, riveting and at times downright spine-tingling seven disc box set of The Complete 1970 Funhouse Sessions.

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The brutal reality of a life spent doing your own thing

It is really becoming irritating to see so many people writing about how much they are suffering financially when they have chosen to live outside of society’s typical work/pay scenario.

There are certain choices that you make, and you have to live with those choices. If you choose to be a street mime or operate a Michigan turtle rescue, you shouldn’t complain that you are broke or hungry, that your bank is screwing you with overdraft fees, or your electricity was shut off.

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Holiday questions to warm your heart and tickle your beautiful soul

There is a great forum over at

I have participated in a lot of forums and online groups, and it is unusual to find one that is interesting and informative and not just full of bullshit and posturing. Part of building a good forum is pure luck, but a larger part is a lot of tedious work. One determined knucklehead can run almost any online group off it’s rails in a surprisingly short amount of time. A handful of knuckleheads is almost indefensible. They will win, you will lose.

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Some people call me the space rabbit

This is for Tom. I don’t usually do these “tag, you’re it” things, but as it turns out I did it once before, so here we are again.

Image number four from the fourth image directory on my computer:

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My baby, she wrote me a letter

CarolTyping337x262Carol is working on a new book, and in an effort to make it as labor-intensive as possible, she is actually typing out the text on each finished page (hundreds of them) by hand on an old Underwood typewriter.

This makes a clack clack clacking sound throughout the house, that was probably a very familiar sound years ago, but it pretty unusual these days.

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Everyone’s a critic

dogeatsbook380x265To celebrate Thanksgiving my dog Buddy took one of the hardcover copies of Riding Out the Dumb Silence out into the yard and ate it.

Well, he tried to eat it all, but he choked on some of the words, came back into the house and told me that I really needed to work on my similes and metaphors.

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If I were a carpenter

So, I’m sitting here at the kitchen table listening to KPCC, the local public radio station, and of course they are talking about the fires that are burning down half the county. At about 10:40 they had a conversation with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

He said the typical things they say when these fires happen every year, then to wrap up, the host asked, “Mayor Villaraigosa, if you could say just one thing to the people of Los Angeles right now, what would it be?”

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