Randomness, chaos and deliverance

Well, I just got my dog’s ear cleaning medicine in my eye (don’t ask), and while I was attempting to recover from that unfortunate incident with a wet rag to the eye, a “slow speed chase” went right by the house.

Not especially noteworthy, I realize, but it didn’t happen to any of you today, so I thought it worth putting here.

You have to love the “slow speed chase” though. All the lawlessness with none of the drama or impending tragedy. Very unsatisfying. Now, logic dictates you’d call it a “low speed chase,” but all the Los Angeles TV imbecile puppetheads call them “slow speed” chases. It must be written that way in their handbook.

And speaking of puppetheads, how about that TV show The Shield? There’s some shock-o-tainment for ya. It’s a well written show, despite being about one of the three kinds of people who I long ago vowed never to watch shows about (those being cops, lawyers and doctors). I only break with that vow for The Shield, Scrubs, and I guess Deadwood if you consider that to be about a cop, which it is, after a fashion.

And after a fashion, I must say that I love the language on Deadwood:

deadwood2“I see you have that big knife and hid somewhere on your person, you probably got some sort of pussified shootin’ instrument, but I am good at first impressions and you are a fucking cunt, and I doubt you fought many men, maybe one.”

“Whatever lurks ahead of grievous abominations and disorder, you and me walk into it together like always.”

“Not for us, apparently, the placid harbor, on which voyages near complete, to bob and rock, bob and rock, becalmed. For us, to the very end, the dizzying surges of the storm, and its crashing descents.”

deadwood1(Calamity Jane on General Custer:) “He was no great fucking man. He was a long-haired cocksucker that could’ve saved many lives by more drinking, and stop being so fucking ambitious, and many still above-ground, and not scalped by the fucking heathens and their guts spread over the Plains.”

“If we’re going to be surprised by that, boys – government being government – will we next be shocked by the rivers running and the trees casting fucking shade?”

“The noise is terrible, isn’t it Mr. Ellsworth. Like Fate.”

God damn! Top that, CSI: Miami!

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