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Welp, the letterpress poem project is finally finished.

It kind of dragged out over a long time, but things tend to do that when you are a lazy procrastinator. If you’re a patron of the weird arts, you can buy one here.


Actually it’s almost done. I still need to find some tiny envelopes or little ziplock crack bags to put single pieces of type in.

stickpoem01smWho knows how the whole thing will pan out in the long run, what with only the 50 people who buy it being able to read the poem. I don’t know if that was a good idea, but it’s done, so I guess whether it was a good idea or not is a moot point. I do know that writing it on the fly was a good idea, and that worked out somehow. Go figure.

Next stop; Carol’s book project that ties in with her Billis gallery show in September, and my own, less ambitious, book project. Hers is a lot further along in the planning stages than mine is, though I suppose I’ll be working on both on and off all summer.

Yep, it’s still a DIY world, brothers and sisters.

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