Shake a leg

legInstalled three glass door bookshelves – 45 feet of shelf space – and moving the books from our existing cases and the built-ins in the house, we filled up the new cases as soon as they went up. And that’s even after getting rid of a lot of books.

Well, I’ve always wanted bookshelves with glass doors, and now we’ve got them. It’s very swanky in here now, like a five-grand-a-month Manhattan apartment right in San Pedro.

We are simplifying. Getting rid of clutter and old crap, but simplifying is a lot of work. You would think the opposite would be true, but no, sadly it is not.

Today I packed up the old prosthetic leg that has been with me for 10 years or so (yes, those are jungle cats under the fiberglass). It’s going to live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is as good a place as any for something so weird. Thanks, eBay. Again.

Next up, putting the old bookshelves (and maybe some other junk) on craigslist. Anyone interested in some bookshelves, old radios, books, videos, etc., etc., etc.?

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