Shameless self-promotion or a desperate cry for love? You decide.

My elbow is finally starting to feel better. I tore the main ligament in there while working on this project.

Yes, that injury happened six months ago, and yes, until very recently it hurt every minute of every day, which is very distracting. Now it only hurts part of the day, which is progress, and I may be glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel.

elbowI paid a lot of money to an orthopedic specialist who did a lot of X-rays and measurements and stretching and prodding. I asked him, “Is it normal for this kind of injury to be painful for this long?” He said, “No. It’s not normal. But sometimes it can cause pain for up to a year.”

Woo! Thanks doc! I guess I should consider myself lucky, since it’s only been half a year and it is improving.

Half a year is a long time to walk around favoring one arm. It can make a person cranky. Or crankier. But yeah, it’s coming back to life. So to celebrate with me – in lieu of sending cards or flowers (as if) – you can buy one of the poem broadsides that almost killed me!

And while I’m in infomercial mode, go buy something here too. You know, I almost died in a fire recently, so you should buy lots of stuff from me to help ease my pain. Who knows, I could very well really die soon the way things are going, and you know what happens to the value of art when the artist dies. Yep, this shit will be worth almost $100 then!

Actually, I have a new batch of large pieces to add to the ink poems site, and when I do that, I’m jacking the prices up on all of them. So this is an opportunity to rob me blind, and get something weird and funny in the process.

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