The answer my friend, is blowing a lobbyist out back

SarahPalinPrayer292x219If you needed proof that even the Republican party considers the next presidential election to be a “gimme” for Obama, look no further than the decision today to run Sarah Palin as Vice President next to John McCain.

From the great state of Alaska, where every politician is either under investigation or already indicted for corruption and fraud, Palin is herself under investigation for firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan because he wouldn’t carry out a personal vendetta for her and fire her former brother-in-law from the state police.

They may as well have thrown Keith Richards or Miley Cyrus up there with McCain. That’s how clear the message is: “We do not expect to win, so who gives a shit who the vice presidential nominee is?”

It is all so laughable, politics. What a sad, sticky circle jerk of twitchy, insecure cocksuckers, ridiculously unqualified to do any kind of real work. Politicians, radio “personalities,” circus clowns, used car salesmen – what a wonderfully talentless ghetto of petty idiocy and drooling pandering.

You can elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or the corpse of Tammy Faye Baker President for all I care. No politician has ever done anything for me. They have done things to me, and to you as well. But invariably they are doing for themselves. If you can’t see that, you are – well, you’re a typical American voter.

It’s all so meaningless and scripted and all of these assholes are the same. All of them. From your precious savior Barak to anti-women’s rights zealot Palin. They sway whichever way the polls blow, and they blow whoever they have to in order to sway the votes they need to fatten the wallets of themselves and their cronies.

So, you go girl!

Yay Sarah! Yay John! Two more footnotes.

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