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Someone asked me yesterday if I was glad that Democrats were in control of the government now. About the only advantage I can see to having Democrats in control is that at least they use a little lube when they screw you. The differences between politicians of one party or another are minor. A politician is a politician, and they are all useless.

But the answer is yes, I feel better having Democratic politicians at the wheel. These Republicans of yours are flat out insane. Just balls-to-the-wall, no-apologies, lying-through-their-teeth lunatic hypocrites, each and every one of them. So, yes. The answer is yes.

hotterthanhellI bought the KISSOLOGY Volume 1 1974-1977 DVD, and if you think that’s funny or uncool, you just don’t know where it’s at. In 1975 (back when I listened to, and first saw KISS) they were a great band. Perfect for 15 year olds everywhere, and still perfect for that crusty little piece of 15 year old left in your hard, cynical heart.

They kind of lost me right when this DVD ends, in 1976-77, because I got on a whole different train with the Ramones and other punk type miscreants. But for a couple years there, KISS rocked my fucking world, and it was great to see the old shows and TV appearances on this DVD. But after a few hours of KISS – even early, classic KISS – you really want to kill yourself.

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