Well, could I have her spam instead of the baked beans then?

Well, I think I have this set up now to stop most of the comments from the casinos and mortgage scam joints. What kind of festering bag of filth resorts to spamming anyway?

I went to the wedding of one of Carol’s friends a year or so ago, and I met a guy there who was one of the bigger spammers, or worked for one of the bigger spammers, but it was a wedding, so I didn’t spit on him or punch him in his mouth to break all of his teeth. And I can honestly say now that not injuring him somehow is one of my only regrets in life.

And yes, brothers and sisters, I know violence is not the answer, and only love can conquer, but I’ve had it. You can love the cocksuckers, I’m going to smack them around when I get a chance.

There’s no easily targetable comment file here to aim a bot at, so there must be humans doing it. I doubt the people clicking around to add spam here can even read this though. They are no doubt illiterate subnormals who think eighteen cents and hour is a great wage, and the actual shit bags responsible for hiring them are somewhere in New Jersey with corncobs up their asses.

Just a guess. But I’m sure I’m not far off the mark.

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