What’s it all about, mjp?

There’s been a lot to write about lately, and I haven’t written about any of it.

Writing about the election is pointless – there are 800 million words on the net about it, and someone somewhere has no doubt already said what I would have said (without as much style and panache, of course — yeah).

I also wanted to write about some frightening Halloween props we brought home (two little pieces of plastic from China, actually, but frightening all the same), and I still might do that. If I don’t, hey, you’re not missing anything.

Then there are things going elsewhere in the world, and blah blah blah…but all I can seem to do lately is drag my ass home and collapse on the couch. My excuse is I’ve been on antibiotics. In a week I’ll have to find a different excuse.

All I know for sure is it costs $42 to fill my gas tank, 36% of my paycheck goes to taxes, and there’s always some web work that I’m way behind on somewhere. The rest is a mystery, seriously. Including my dog, who appears to be quite insane. See, there’s something to write about…don’t you want to hear about my dog?!




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