What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

Jesus, the flag graphic and commentary on the first page of the site are certainly generating a lot of ugly emails. What is it about a war that gives imbeciles such a raging hard on?

What is this Democrat vs. Republican thing? What is this Christian vs. Muslim thing? Fucking hell man, we are killing ourselves over imaginary lines on a map and imaginary gods and it makes us look like idiots.

Seems to me that more than half of the country does not support this war, which makes sense seeing that more than half of the country did not vote for the current president. But as usual, WAR makes people into flag waving sub-moronic robuts and they just tromp around spouting whatever they heard earlier in the day on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

Saddam Hussein may be a murdering despot, a cocksucker and cheat at cards, but how did we migrate from murdering bin Laden (which our best military jerkoffs have failed to do so far) to murdering Saddam? I really lost track of things, because I can’t put my finger on when we changed targets.

It doesn’t matter I suppose. Once Arnold Swartzenegger is in office we won’t have to worry about this shit, because everyone will mind their fucking manners when a real┬álunatic is running things.

Every day I want to change the front page of the site back to the random old photos, but every day I get more email angry at what is up there, so I can’t take it down. Heh.

My beautiful and loyal border collie is banished to the back yard tonight due to a run-in with a skunk a couple of hours ago. I washed him with a weird concoction of peroxide, baking soda, tuna fish and sweat socks, but this isn’t the first time this has happened, and I know that the stink stays on him for a long time.

Kind of like the stink that will be on this beautiful and loyal country for the foreseeable future.

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